Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Over Plum Cake and Chocolate Milk

My breath catches and the page I am looking at blurs.

Recently I started working at a little toy store, Walking Stick Toys.  It is a magical place that fills a sentimental nook in my heart.  You see, much of what is sold here is from Germany and as I am organizing toys on shelves or flipping through the books I run across things that are familiar from my childhood.

Today I am looking around the store, compiling a list of gift ideas for different age groups (a work in progress, but coming soon).

I am flipping through Magic Wool Fruit Children

A picture of sheet cake, with neat rows of plums stops me.  

I found it.

When I was almost twelve, we left Germany in a whirlwind and contacts with people dear to my heart got lost in the mess of it all.

Once a week I would walk down the the city center, ring a door bell and climb up a few flights of stairs to sit on a sofa between bookshelves lined with the most impressive stamp collection I have ever seen and large windows overlooking the cobble street, fountain and courthouse.  Across from me was my godmother, Margot, who was trying to hide the lung cancer ravishing her body under a brown wig, her hands showing me a new craft project and on the table between us chocolate milk and a plum cake.

I don't know that I ever said goodbye.

I tried.

I stopped by before we left, but Margot was asleep and instead I hugged her daughter, asked her to pass on my hug and love and permanently moved across the Atlantic.

On my honeymoon, my husband and I stood in the door way and I scanned the names on the doorbells looking for one that was familiar.  I didn't recognize them.

I still weave the sixteen pointed star Margot showed me out of ribbons.  

Every fall I goggle recipes for plum cake and none have been quite right.

I add the book to my list along with fool and felt: just enough to make a few projects.

Magic Wool Fruit Children - $24.95, Maerchenwolle - $9.00, Wool Felt - $3/sheet
Perfect to be shared over chocolate milk and plum cake.

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