Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back and Forth

I have been pulling the green garden cart back and forth, back and forth, piled high with wood chips, loaded with rocks, and almost empty with just my helper in tow. 

The raised bed is being dismantled and more garden beds dug.  The weekends are spent digging. The rocks pile up.  On weekdays I pull the cart back and forth, back and forth.

The dump truck load of wood chips is shrinking one wagon load at a time.

Covering spaces were grass was and hopefully will not be for a little while.

I feel guilty for sending Ivory to school to sit inside when there is so much sun outside.

Strong stems of rhubarb are standing along the front fence.  It seems that is was just yesterday that the first red and green hints of spring pushed through the soil and last years maple leaves. 

It is spring, undeniably spring.  
The mystery fruit tree, apricot we think, is blooming for the very first time, and we are present to witness. 

Tiny tomato, zucchini, winter squash of all sorts, sunflower and cosmo plants have broken ground and are standing one leaf tall in tidy toilet paper roll rows.  

Half of the garden beds have been weeded and I am already running out of room.  Where to put the onions, the cabbages, the broccoli?

The sky is blue and dotted with white clouds.  The sun is warm and the wind chilly.  I take off my fleece and put it on again.  The moment seems endless.  The now an eternity. 

It is May.  


Wasn't there snow just yesterday?

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  1. So nice to feel spring. Haniel and Judith both worked to put out seedlings...and then we broke records in heat and they all simply shriveled...or were eaten. A hot southern wind roared, fires all over, and DRY!!!! Glad you are having weather that is allowing the plants to flourish.