Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Week it was Winter

The raindrops are hanging from the flower buds on the maple tree.
The snow is still collected in patches on the mountains that are disappearing into the clouds.
Suddenly the chill of winter is gone and the promise of a new season is everywhere.

Remember when our entire world covered in snow?

When we spent the after school afternoons sledding?

Was it really just last weekend that temperatures dipped low? 

That schools shut down and traffic was suspended?

That wind made our floors creak and blew snow into the cracks of our home?

A winter storm, fierce and quick, that moved mountains, changed lives and made us hold our loved ones just a little tighter.  A feat of weather that magnified fears as well as joys. A winter storm that changed the parameters of our yard into a winter wonderland, leaving in its wake giant drifts needing to be dug, explored and conquered 

We dug trails and a snow cave, shaped slides and benches into the snowbanks and then finally dug out the car.

A bit shaken we step through the puddles into spring.


  1. Beautiful conclusion, Heidi. (And I am very happy to see your children wearing eye protection!)


  2. Yes, I had heard there were avalanches....Spring seems to finally be coming here, too! Love and kisses,
    Omama, Mom