Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts

I actually managed to mail out Valentines on time - last year.   

I think it might have been a fluke...  
This year, like most years, I am behind.  There are neat rows of heart shaped bird seed cakes sitting in my dehydrator - waiting to be shipped to loved ones across the country.  We will get them mailed eventually. 

Just making the cards and bird seed cakes for Ivory's kindergarten class took a dedicated session of card writing after school each day - and she cut and wrote and decorated each card on her own, diligently crossing off each of the twenty names on the list. 

The night before we stuffed them into Ziploc bags and I added a cautionary DO NOT EAT tag.  This treat is for the birds.  

The morning of, Ivory asked to be woken up early, so that I could French braid her hair into...

.... the shape of a heart.

Ivory: "oh. Mama.  You are bringing Vegetables to my Valentine's Day Party?"

Adam made a beautiful heart shaped Pizza for dinner with fresh kale, tomatoes and locally cured meats.  Yum. 

Between the kneading, rolling and baking of the pizza.  Ivory and Sylvan and I mixed up a second batch of bird seed cakes for family and friends. 

Do other folks do their crafting on the floor?
We made a mess of bird seeds and paper pieces.

We walked around the neighborhood and delivered a few cheerful notes - a few days late. 

And the hearts we made for family and friends that live far way...  I need to figure out how to ship these with out breaking into a million little pieces....  but I promise they will be worth the wait.  

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