Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY: Felt Flower Ornaments

Life has been busy - incredibly busy.  In between running errands, loading kilns and my monthly coop shift I sat down for a few minutes to make ornaments with Ivory and Sylvan.  These are quick.  They are simple enough even for Sylvan to remain engaged through out the duration of the craft. 


assorted colors of felt pieces
sewing needle

How To:

  • I ask the kids to choose their colors and then I cut the shapes for them: 1 set of leaves (or more if desired), 2 flowers, 2 stars and 2 small circles.
  • The flowers, stars and circles are cut while holding two sheets of felt together

  • Make a loop out of ribbon and tack the open end together
  • String the large flower, the star and the small circle onto the needle (Sylvan can do this with assistance, Ivory on her own)

  • Scrunch them down against the loop and return the needle to the center through the flower, tacking the stack of felt to the loop
  • String the remaining flower, star and circle in the same order and scrunch against the backside of the first flower 

  •  Sew through all the layers of felt a few more times tacking them together and tie off the thread. 

The finished ornaments.

I am trying to talk the kids into making more to use as gift tags...  but of course they don't want to give any of them away.

Total cost to me: $0

All of the materials used for this projects are tucked into drawers around my house. I bought a giant bag of felt pieces for $3 (I think) at a thrift store a few years ago.  I have used it to make cards, crowns, and now flowers..   I used double fold bias tape for the loops...  also a thrift store score...  maybe $.10?.  Quick, Easy, Affordable and Adorable.