Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

A dark ring is left behind in the tub.
The bathroom sink is spattered with mud.

The kitchen counter is lined with 10 quart jars of peaches, 6 pint jars of cucumber chips, 4 half pint jars of peach jam of fresh out of the oven bread.  Seven jars of dilly beans and 5 pint jars of honeyed bread and butter pickles have already been stashed away on the shelf.  Trays of dehydrated kale and basil are still in the dehydrator needing to be packed away.

This isn't exactly how I imagined our Labor Day Weekend.
I was hoping for lazing by a river or walking in the woods, but instead I spent most of three days in the kitchen while Adam crawled around in the space below my feet.

"You want some coffee?" I shout down at him.
"No.  I will just have to come up and pee."
A little while later I hear from below me: "Sure, I will take some coffee.

I shift a few pots around and put the kettle on.
The water is back on after Adam had rerouted all the plumbing to make room for the twelve foot beams that now steady our kitchen floor.  The washer drain is connected again and I start a load of kitchen rags and towels.

Adam was finally ready to put the beams under the house.
I had 40 lbs of peaches sitting on my chest freezer.
Reality hit: We were going no where.

So, the kids played outside.
Sylvan naked, except for the brief hour or so he flaunted a pair of elmo underwear.
Ivory rotating through a variety of dress up outfits...  carrying a complacent chicken with her everywhere.

Our labor day weekend was full of - well - labor, but as the ring around the bathtub attests too, it was also a really good time.


  1. And so it goes! Sounds like a good labor day had by all....even if it wasn't all 'fun'. How does the kitchen feel now that the floor is supported? I bet that's a celebration in and of itself! And to have the water back on and draining....FANTASTIC! Bet the kids had a good time right there at home.


  2. Among my very best memories are spending holidays and weekends at home and in the yard with our children nearby. Your grandfather and I decided when our children were very young that the most satisfying hours were those at home with all of us doing projects together along with pursuing our individual interests.


  3. Grandma, I always loved working in your yard. It was lovely and I remember it very fondly!