Monday, September 9, 2013

From the Garden to the Lunch Box

We have been waiting to harvest our carrots.  
This is the first one we harvested. 
The kids pulled it out of the ground.

This carrot is not the sort of carrot you will find at the grocery store. 
It is fat.  
It is huge.  
It has five fingers.  

It is the kind of carrot that makes it into Ivory's lunchbox. 

The carrot is chopped up with peanut butter ready for the dipping.  From-our-garden-cucumber, peach, and a home baked whole wheat bread sandwich  - peach jam (freshly made) and almond chocolate spread - and one tiny chocolate oatmeal cookie round out the rest of the lunch.

I like this school lunch thing.

More on the lunch box:

This is Ivory's Planet Box.  I ordered it for her this summer.  It has woodland fairy magnets and a purple lunch bag in which it rides to and from school.   I know they are pricey, but I view it as an investment.  It is stainless steel, has few pieces that can get lost (the fairy magnets and the two round containers that nest in the main compartments), is fun and easy to fill with a yummy lunch.  Hopefully, this will be the lunchbox she uses for all of elementary school.  I purchased it on the recommendation of an amazing mama who's lunch box escapades are marvelous.   (And since I bought Ivory's the Planet Boxes have become available locally at Walking Stick Toys!  Whoohoo!!!)


  1. Very neat lunchbox! And very neat food in it!


  2. Great lunchbox! I know the food has to taste really good, but how can a little girl eat this much lunch! Impressive!