Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our House - The Growing Stockpile

At this moment Adam is driving across town with a door strapped to the top of our tiny car.

We bought this door at Home ReSource a while ago, but as my house plan has been developing, it turns out that the door handle is on the wrong side and opens out rather than in...  oh. the details.

This is the wrong door..  the new door has identical carving except that the holes for the door handle and lock are on the opposite edge.   This door is intended to be our entry door someday.  

But while were were digging through the stacks of doors, I found an identical door.  Well, it is almost identical - except for one important feature: It has an opposite swing and is therefore more ideal in the grand scheme of what our house will become.

The new door as a few more dings and scratches so we are exchanging it for the door as well as handles and a dead bolt.  Great trade, right?

Our stockpile is up to:

9 windows
4 doors (with some hardware pieced together.  Digging through old piles of door parts takes a while.)

Old Door w/ Wavy Glass
Detail of door plate
Two sets of self brackets - kitchen
Agate door knobs, door plates (and latch not pictured) for kitchen door
Ceramic Castors - some future awesome project
1 bathroom sink (hand thrown ceramic)
1 super awesome kitchen sink
2 stained glass pendant lamps
a deck of thick walnut slabs to be kitchen counters someday
a deck of wood (larch) that is almost half of the siding to be
and a stack of beams that will finally flatten out our bouncy floors

The changes that will be almost feel tangible.



  1. Ah!, the fun of working on a house to make it home! Love the door! and the Door Knobs!!! !
    Do you remember the awesome door we found in Quedlinburg that went in the hallway and separated the front part of the hall from the back part? It had the stained glass in it? That was in 'trash' to be hauled away when we found it. I always wished I could have brought that door with me; I loved that door.

  2. It's so exciting to see the pile grow and know that one day your house will be so different. And you'll have done it all yourselves. I'm so proud of you two.