Thursday, August 8, 2013


3 Mamas
6 Kids
3 Dogs

We all piled into three cars and drove an hour to pick huckleberries.

Small, red and purple berries dot the understory. Each one falling, plunk, into the bottom of my container until finally the bottom is covered.

Our fingers red and sticky. 

Two mamas, six kids, three dogs, a hour drive there and back:  Totally worth the effort. 

Huckles, as Ivory calls them, in the freezer. 
Huckles in the scones. 
Huckles in this morning's pancakes.  

The sweet and tart juicy fruit reminding us that summer is almost over - it is Huckleberry time!


  1. How can summer be almost over!!! How time flies. Sylvan looks a bit grumpy up there : )

  2. He was not very happy. Sometimes he just wakes up grouchy but helping me sprinkle huckleberries on the pancakes started to cheer him up a bit.