Friday, August 16, 2013

Foraged Finds

"There is a big seed in this one."
Sylvan is beaming at me, shoving the fourth plum into his mouth in under five minutes.
"Slow down. You are going to get a belly ache."

We went on a walk through the neighborhood and passed a tree tucked into an alley that had dropped the most perfectly ripe, pink and purple plums.  We picked them up and brought them home.
They are our latest edible find.

A few days ago we picked spearmint up the Rattlesnake in the Bugbee Nature Area.   
It is dried down and ready to be tea on cold winter nights. 

These beautiful and delicious shaggy parasols popped up in our neighbors yard (currently empty and we did ask the landlord's permission) and I used them in our frittata yesterday.  The remainder of the mushrooms are opening up and we will pick and grill them soon. (These mushrooms are what a portabello mushroom you can buy at the grocery store attains to be.  They are meaty and dense and juicy.)

Four solid cups of lamb's quarter leaves that I used in a lasagna.  
There are amazing edibles all around us and trying them is a new realm that we are exploring.  


  1. Fun to read about your foraging finds, Heidi!


  2. Neat! I just received (thanks to contributing to a Kickstarter campaign) a book called "Feasting and Foraging" that you would probably love. Check it out online - GAWGEOUS illustrations and tons of ID, harvesting, and recipe info.

    1. I will check it out. I have checked a few books out from the library, but so far I have not found any satisfactory.

  3. NICE! I particularly love finding fruit!