Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pillow Talk

We were snuggled up on a twin mattress, under a dingy brown comforter and a dog laying across our legs (if our parents are reading - Don't worry. We were clothed).  The black wallpaper with small roses running up the walls on diagonal.  Adam had just been gone for the weekend.

It had been our first weekend apart since this had began weeks ago. This.. whatever it was...  I was NOT his girlfriend.  He was NOT my boyfriend.  We weren't seeing anyone else.  On that, as well as our not girlfriend/boyfriend status, we did agree.

His dad had come to pick him up the Friday before, a tall lanky man with a beard.  Our encounter so brief that I would in no way be offended if my presence is not remembered.

He was telling me about the wedding he had just attended. More specifically he was upset about his youngest sister rolling down the waistband of her shorts to make her already short shorts even shorter.

I look at him.  His blond hair tucked behind his head in a ponytail. I think it is cute that he is so concerned about his little sister's modesty.  I think he is cute.  I like his blue eyes and lose myself in them.  I think a little girl that looks like Adam would be cute.  I try and picture it.
"So," I ask, "does she look like a mini version of you?"
"She is half-black."
I don't know what to say.
I just met Adam's dad.  He was tall, lanky, bearded and most definitely white.  At this point in our NOT-relationship I did know his parents had been married once - to each other.  He had met my mom.  Spent the night at my (her) house and knew much of our family history...  so... um?
"I'm adopted.  Didn't I tell you I was adopted? I told you I was adopted."
"No. I would remember that. Keep going."
I try and picture a girl that looks more like my sister, but has curly hair.
He keeps talking.
Something about a hot tub maybe? and cousins?

I like the way his skin crinkles around his eyes when when he smiles.  He can look old and young at the same time -  I see the past and future in an instant.

I try and pay attention.

I still see a long legged, long haired blond, little girl running around in short jersey shorts.

I was right.  A little girl that looks like Adam is cute, except this one hates wearing shorts.  She prefers dresses to shorts any day.

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