Sunday, June 9, 2013


The days are sunny and long.
There is no time sit down or sleep.

There are morels to pick.

So many morels to pick that we actually let our kiddos go over to a friends house for an entire day while we scrambled across the steep slope of the burned forest floor.  Our first day together with out children...  in - oh - 5 years or so.  

There are summer birthdays to celebrate.

There are amazing thrift store scores to discover.  
Yes these are my new, super sexy footed pajamas.

As I am climbing into bed.

Adam: Are you glowing?
I look down. 
Me:  Yes. I. Am.  All the pterodactyls glow in the dark.  

HOT.  right?

There are bread baking skills to practice and share.

There are more cups to etch. 

There are back yard summer nights and bright summer mornings to enjoy with friends. 

Somewhere in the doing and going and fun there is time to sleep and maybe the occasional moment to post a few pictures (and get caught by my husband...  who says:  "aren't  you just stalling.  I don't see the wheel out yet.")

As the sun finally fades from the sky there are blocks of clay to be wedged, spun, pushed and pulled into form.

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  1. Reads as an idyllic life! Somewhat like a mesmerizing fairy-tale. You created a dream-like state for me, Heidi.