Sunday, June 23, 2013


This fantastically awesome photograph of me was taken by Sylvan on the very tip top of  Waterworks Hill.  It is the hill I can see out of our east windows.  The three of us have never made it to the top for the following reasons: 

1.  We walk to the trail head.  Even though the trail head is just at the edge of our neighborhood it adds just enough distance to the trek that we have to turn back way before the top.
2.  I let Sylvan walk.  He is slow. So slow.  It took us three hours once to walk from the car (lesson learned from reason 1) to just past this little draw and back to the car...  I could point the very spot out to you from my yard.  It was at once a far distance for Sylvan to walk and so, so very far away from the peak. 
3. We leave our house to close to lunch time and we go home to eat. 

So today we:

1. drove to the trailhead
2. Sylvan walked the way DOWN.
3. were on the slopes by 10:00


We made it!  

We sat on the rocks, looking around in all direction: The mountains purple with blooming lupine, the sun bright and warm with just the right amount of breeze, and on cue an airplane entered the valley and we watched it descend across the sky and slow as it met the ground on the far edge of town. 

We were up and down in just about two hours and home just in time for lunch.  And we managed to still see the Bitterroot flowers (Lewisia Rediviva) in bloom!

Can a Sunday morning be any better than this?

Happy Anniversary to my husband who was "toiling" away in the shop building a cool custom coffee table while the kids and I were off on our adventure. How different our lives were six years ago..  all the places we have been together and many more we will see. 


  1. Wow, can it be 6 years already??????
    The Bitterroot flowers are very pretty!
    Bravo for making it to the top of Waterworks Hill!


  2. I'm so happy it worked out!!! That is totally my happyplace, and I have been a mean mama many times to make sure we get. there.
    Yay!! Makes our neighborhood feel a lot bigger, huh?

    1. It sure does! or much smaller depending on how you look at it! :)