Monday, April 1, 2013

March is over.

March is over.  March is OVER! 

The last weekend finally wrapped up a few of the months activities, and of course, it was also Easter. 

Three weeks ago I watched the flames fade into the lightening sky.  The wood kiln crackled and popped.  And then we waited. 

The door was finally un-bricked and all the ceramic wares were still warm to the touch.

We unloaded  scraped and stacked.  I frantically wrapped sculptures, mugs, cups and bowl into pieces of newspaper.  I still had to drive home, pick up the kids, shop for the Easter goodies (last minute - of course) and drive down the Bitterroot valley to our weekend destination. 

I checked my email when I got home and found out the results of another of March's projects - the winners of the Second Annual Bathing Beauties Bead Challenge.   Check them out.  The first place winner is AMAZING!

I packed the car. Loaded up the kids, the dogs and two stores later finally drove out of town. I missed my turn which added an extra half hour to our drive.  I hoped that would let my little man sleep just long enough.... but Sylvan only had a mini nap and screamed inconsolably upon our arrival until he found a friend. 

Then the Easter activities could begin:

The sunset was amazing!

Ivory had her first sleep over!  She spent the night inside with her friend and her family while Sylvan, Adam and I slept outside in a wall tent. 

We chatted over cups of coffee and mimosas while a tray of danishes, scrambled eggs and three pounds of bacon slowly disappeared.  And then, of course, we had an Easter "egg" hunt. 

Jelly beans, suckers, caramels, black licorice, a bar of chocolate and beads. 

The kiddos strung their beads into necklaces in the warm spring sun.

I let out a breath.

March is over.

more pictures of our weekend here.


  1. Wow, barefoot weather in Montana in Spring! I haven't really felt barefoot-y yet, and you know how I hate shoes!
    Looks like everyone had fun on Easter!
    Oh, and the first place necklace is beautiful! I see you received an award, too! Congratulations!!!

  2. Sunday was wonderful, but today the weather was even better. We spent ALL day outside. Sylvan took all his clothes off (too hot he said) and was naked until dinner.