Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the Edge

I remember from one of my college classes that the highest biodiversity is found on the edges of bio-systems - tide pools, the soil surface, where the forest meets a meadow. 

We are living an edge, the undulating line between winter and spring, warm brilliant sunshine followed by flurries of snow, and it is filled with activity. 

When we can, I try not to leave the neighborhood or even our yard and we just stay put.  The car stays in the driveway.  Bikes, helmets, toy trucks and shovels are pulled out and we play and we dig. We move rocks.  We tuck away seeds.  

We dream of flowers, and because we are to impatient for our plants to grow, we make our own.

We raid the recycling bin. We paint, we cut, we fold, we glue and we sort through the buttons for just the right colors and sizes. 

We hang our final project, a colorful paper and cardboard wreath on the front door - to welcome home Adam from his field work, to welcome neighbors, and to welcome spring.

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