Friday, February 8, 2013

Sylvan is Two

Some days are just hard: full of worry and stress.

Sometimes, those days full of worry and stress happen to coincide with important days - Sylvan's birthday - to be precise.  

We opened Sylvan's first birthday present before breakfast.  

Slam dunk! 

Adam fixed us all french toast and then we mulled over what to do.  I had not planned our usual birthday pot luck because, well, it was Thursday and Adam was supposed to be working until five and I had class at six.  My plan had been that we would have cake between Adam's work and my ceramic class, but our was wide open, too open, but we were going to make the best of the day. 

We picked up and headed downtown to take dizzying ride after ride on the carousel. 

When we ran out of tokens we strolled on.  

We ducked into Taco Del Sol (you know it is a celebration when the Wests actually eat out), where both Sylvan and Ivory love the bean and cheese burritos.  Sylvan napped, Ivory wrapped her gift,  Adam worked in the shop and I put the finishing touches on a document.  The Fedex guy finally arrived with Sylvan's present.  Who knew it would take a week and a half to get here?  As soon as he woke from his nap he unwrapped the gift Adam and I had anxiously waiting for all day.  A giant wooden train track. 

Sylvan blew out his candles, and enthusiastically ate the chocolate off of his slice of the Boston cream pie.

Somewhere between my seized chocolate glaze, the kid's spoiled dinners, not getting out of the door to my ceramics class, and all the gown up worries that dominated Adam and my conversation I got lost, stuck, standing rooted in the kitchen with tears running down my face. Sad and tired, feeling something like a bad mom and failure.  Just a door frame away my little two year old and his helpful big sister were wrestling a new pieces of rail road into an empire across the dining room floor.

I grabbed my dinner and walked out of the door.  Late, but still going to my ceramics class.

I returned home to wet haired, clean children, giddy, bouncing off the walls.  The box the train set arrived in functioning as a living room slide.

Some days have worry and stress, but are also brimming with love and laughter.

Sylvan is two and the four of us fell into bed with more than enough love to go around.

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