Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Day Unlike Any Other

Sylvan had been running around grinning, in a wonderful mood, dishing out hugs and kisses and just before I stepped out of the door, Ivory came down and I gave her a hug and a kiss as well.

I touched up the little cups I had worked on the night before and then spent the next seven hours working on ten mugs.  Putting on layers of Shellack, wiping away the surface, creating texture and adding a slip trailed grid. I stared at the finished mugs in front of me. I had been handling them so long - looking at them for so long - that I could no longer tell if I liked them.  All I knew is that I wanted to go home.

When I walked through the front door, Sylvan was napping. Ivory and Adam and I sat around the dining room table while she mixed color after color, testing each result until her splotch filled papers covered the table.

Much too soon, I got back into the car and drove to the Missoula Community Food Co-op.  Hours later I finally walked through the front door and I was home.  Sylvan greeted me with: "Mama home! Mama home!" Both the kids with wet hair and already in pajamas.

We snuggled, read books, I tucked Ivory into her bed and then, just three feet away from her, I curled up  in Sylvan's toddler bed hugging his little body.  He was excited: bouncing, wiggling, rolling, standing up and laying back down.  He finally asked for his blanket and then flung his arms around my head and hugged me tight. "I love you, " he said, rolling over onto his tummy and finally laying still.

I must have fallen asleep.  When I finally uncurled my limbs, walked out of the room and down the stairs, I glanced at our kitchen clock. It was almost midnight.  I brushed my teeth and felt a little guilty for never having made my routine move from Sylvan's to Ivory's bed.

Most days are like any other day, but this day had never happened before.  I have never not seen Sylvan during the course of our day.  While I felt a little grumpy about the day, he didn't seem to mind at all.   He was just excited to see me home.

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