Saturday, January 19, 2013


A friend and I went on a walk today.
A friend and I and our children, four in total.
The snow glowed white overlaid with dark shadows.  We stepped from light to dark through the high contrast of a sunny winter day.

Ivory is reading books on the sofa, Sylvan paging through his own stack of books on the dining room floor.  Just a few minutes ago both were red faced, with bands of tears streaking their cheeks.  Today we have journeyed through smiles and tears, happy and sad, light and dark as many times as we stepped through the shadows underneath the undulating trees.

Dinner is baking in the oven.
Colored pencils are being spread across the floor as coloring pages are filled in with rainbows.  I take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine. I am trying to push the thoughts of just how many more shadows I will have to walk through before bed time out of my mind.

Sunny winter days are starkly beautiful because, and not in spite of, the shadows.

"Look Mama! I found a bird nest!"


  1. Ah, but the shadows would not be possible were it not for the glorious things standing in the light.

  2. I agree with Aaron : )
    Treasure the colored pencils, books, and other things spread across the floor, too!

  3. Ah, the intermingling lights and shadows creating the texture of life....