Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: Onion Braids

I have to admit that one of the most frustrating aspects of having purchased a house that requires an immense amount of work, is that while I am capable of performing the tasks, I am most often in the company of two little children and that negates my skills entirely. So, I have to admit that Adam has almost single handedly been transforming our bedrooms from this:

to this:

I have been keeping kids busy and at times out of the house with trips to the library and the park.

This weekend, while the sander whirred away upstairs.  Sylvan and Ivory ran around the yard while I tackled the pile of onions I had pulled out of the ground to cure a few days earlier.  This is the first time I have grown this many onions and I am excited to have at least a few to store for later use!

I made onion braids!

so, this is what you need to make onion braids:

Cotton Yarn 
onions with dried leaves

I three pieces of cotton string to the length of approximately a yard and a half.  I folded the strings in half and laid them on my lap. 

I then hooked each loop of thread around an onion with nice sturdy dried down leaves.

I braided the leaves with their corresponding strings together.  If the string sliped, I simply hooked the string back over this onion and keep braiding.  I alternated adding onions from the right and left as I braided the length of strings.  

I continued braiding the length of the yarn and then looped and knotted the end so I could hang it from a nail.   Here is a picture of the finished onion braids!

(I can't wait to share pictures of our finished bedrooms either, but we aren't quite there yet.)


  1. They are beautiful. I'm eager to see the finished bedroom, too.

  2. The onion braids are fun to see! I, too, am eager to see the finished bedroom!