Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camp Deep Creek - August 31 - Week 10

The evenings have been hazy.
"Smokey", Adam never fails to correct me.

The sun, glows orange in the afternoon, deepening in color as it moves closer to the horizon. 

The mornings are just brisk enough that I have pulled out all the little light weight jackets and we all wore our layers to the last of this summer's Camp Deep Creek Fridays.

A small group met us there - some children already back to their school routines. 
We spent one last camp day paddling around the pond, lounging on quilts, snacking and chatting, interrupted only by the distant putt putt of - what are they? airplanes or helicopters?

Hours later I wrestled two tired children into the car to drive home.
Looking out across the river and the town, from my high vantage point on Big Flat Road, I could see nothing of the mountains.  Nothing.  I couldn't help feeling like someone just took a giant big bowl and flipped it down on top of us. There I was, driving home in one of the most beautiful places of the world, sleepy and a little sad with dreary skies not wanting to admit that the summer is almost over.
Ivory on the other hand is elated: "This is the last camp!  Good!  Now I can just have play dates with E and C!"  As far as she is concerned, the end of camp just means she now longer has to share all of her friends, but can visit with each of them one on one.

She is right. We are all just settling into the next seasons routines.

I'm just waiting for my tomatoes to ripen, while she is waiting for it to snow.


  1. Thanks for posting the great pictures! Fun to see all of you in the canoe! We have been following news of the forest fires in Montana along with those in other western states. The weather in Santa Fe is still in the upper 70s to lower 90s during the day, but it cools to 50s and 60s at night. Oklahoma is still enduring 100 degrees plus! We were served beets with our dinners at Body yesterday and at Tommes tonight, and I thought of you. Also when I saw all of the canning supplies at the grocery yesterday.... Peaches and apricots and melons have been luscious here!


  2. The end of the season....and smoke from fires! Seems we've all had our share of those again this year.
    I can't imagine right now having to put on a light jacket and seeing Sylvan wearing one just doesn't quite compute....MUST be a picture from last fall, maybe early November, right???? I am looking forward to the possibility here, which seems so remote when it hit 105 F yesterday....again.
    Anyway, glad you all had a last fun day at camp! A boat? Water?? Marvelous!!! : )