Monday, August 20, 2012

I finally marked that off my list....

"Look!  A Crawdad!"  

I  was scrolling through the photographs taken last weekend and this is one of the only pictures that we took of the 30 Hour Birthday Feast.   The other photograph is of me kneading that evening's third batch of pizza dough to be shaped, topped and baked in the out door cob oven.

These are the only photographs that commemorate the amazing weekend filled with friends and food, a float trip and pit roasted lamb that began my last year of my twenties.  And while I have a mental list of things I would like to do before I am thirty, I had a much more pressing issue to tackle this last week.

Remember all of those capes I made last week for Camp Deep Creek?

Well, I had an even larger pile of t-shirt scraps sitting in my living room that I just couldn't bear to throw away.  So puttering around in my living room alone, while my husband worked away in the wood shop out back, it occurred to me that I could use these scraps to mark something off of yet another mental to do list: make a floor mat for our bathroom. So I found my giant crochet hook, turned on a movie and started the tedious task of turning a pile of rags into one inch strips.
A few hours later I had this:  A floor mat that echoes the pattern of our shower curtain and used up almost every little scrap of t-shirt. 

We spent Friday morning running errands.  There was no Camp Deep Creek.  Instead we drove across town, munched on bags of popcorn while I picked out a new canning set up at the Ace Hardware store.  (Another task marked off of that never ending mental list)  This fall I want to be able to process quarts not just pints.  Afterward we walked along the Rattlesnake creek and Ivory took an impromptu dip in the water. 

My timing was off and hungry bellies and bathroom needs forced us to climb back into our car just a little to soon, promising myself and Ivory that we would come back in the evening with Adam and picnic in tow.

Picnic at the bank of a bubbling creek - check.
Soaking up the summer sun - check.
Randomly bumping into friends on a walking trail - check.

These are things were not even on my list until they happen, but they were perfect.


  1. Love the mat. It surely looks nice on that floor. And what a beautiful hike. The creek is so peaceful looking. As much as I hate living so far away, your kids are lucky to grow up around such natural beauty and to have parents who take them out there.

  2. All sounds laid-back and idyllic. Glad you could use all those scraps to make a cute bath mat!