Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camp Deep Creek - August 10 - Week 8

 Thursday: I spent the afternoon turning T-shirts into capes.

 A lot of capes.

Capes to be turned into creatures real and imaginary. 

Friday:  With bits of lace, felt and feathers the older kids turned their capes into a sloth, a mountain lion and a blue bird.

The boys went off to patrol the borders of their animal kingdoms,

while Ivory continued to add little bits and pieces to her cape, that started out as a blue bird.  Soon the blue bird was joined by a balloon and a multitude of flowers. 

So, for all of the Deep Creek Campers that were not present this Friday and would like to make your own cape, this is what you need: 

a T- shirt
heat bonded Velcro
an iron with a steam setting
and the instructions from this tutorial

I left my sewing machine firmly in its case for this one, and I don't own a hot glue gun.  So for the Velcro closure around the neck I used heat bonded Velcro tabs that I found at Joanne's. So simple and fun!

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  1. The capes are a very cute idea! I am sure the children loved them! And the velcro surely does beat the safety pins I used 50 years ago when Geoff was Batman!!! Please tell Ivory her cape does look fabulous:)