Monday, July 2, 2012


So, I did try a few of the things that I mentioned in my previous post Process.  I have been experimenting with atmospheric firings (anagama cone 10 and soda cone 6, 10) playing with slips, altering my vessels through pleating and tried to throw big! Really Big!! (for me anyway).  Well, here are a few pictures. 

His and Her's Mugs

These were intended to be a wedding present, but then the firing was postponed and postponed and the unloading of the kiln didn't take place until I had already flown half way across the country.  I suppose I will just have to work up the courage to post them in the near future.  

Stacking Plate, Bowl and Cup Set

I have been trying to alter my thrown shapes, pleating them by either cutting out small slivers of the rim or by just indenting the edges.  I would like make a large plate, small plate, bowl and cup set that, when stacked looks like basal rosette or a flower.  

Large Bowls 

More pleating: in or out...  4 or 5???  slips, slips, slips and a few glazes

Large Bowl Detail

Slip on Slip Decal Bowl 

The exterior was dipped in a yellow flashing slip.  Then I stuck decals to the bowl and dipped it into  a red flashing slip.  The outline of the decals remained crisp and clean and is definitely a technique I will try again.  I have no idea what happened to the interior of this bowl.  Of all of my pieces, this is the only one that I did not write down.  I would love to be able replicate this effect on the interior of a non-functional piece.  


This bowl was thrown from 25lbs of clay.  It is a technically not my most successful piece, but I love how the glaze turned out. This piece was Anagama fired to cone 10.  The edge is Merk Shino and the interior is Beau Celadon. 


This platter (picture to come soon) was thrown with 25lbs of clay as well.  It also is not the most technically successful piece, but it is remarkable how differently these glazes turned out from the above piece.  They are glazed the same, but the platter was fired to Cone 10 in a soda kiln. 


  1. cool stuff!! I really love your signature pleated bowls!
    It is too quiet here since all of you left,
    Give the kiddos a big hug for me.
    Oma Sherry

  2. Heidi, these are beautiful! I love the colors of the his & hers mugs.

  3. Very nice pleating! When I was in a potter's shop in Hannibal a few years ago, I bought soup bowls pleated into heart shape and with handles on the sides. I like your idea of stacked set of pottery. Would love to see the glazes in real life! Nice!


  4. Heidi, they're gorgeous! I love the detail on the large bowl, and the rosette idea is great.

  5. Beautiful work, Heidi. You're very talented!