Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Sewing Marathon

My little girl's arms and legs are suddenly long and lanky.  The clothing that fit her so well around Christmas time suddenly is just too small.  So I have decided to sew Ivory sunny summer wardrobe. These are the results of the last three days:

A sun dress with knotted straps.  

A summer dress with straps that tie over the shoulders.  The bodice has a print of delicate ferns, dragonflies, snails and beetles.   Ivory is so fascinated by all things buggy and wormy right now, so I hope she loves it!  (This dress is made from a small scrap of fabric a friend gave me, an up cycled man's shirt and a cotton shower curtain for the lace!)

A twirly circle skirt.

A twirly circle skirt that is reversible!

And a skirt that contains the fabric Ivory fell in love with at Jo-Ann Fabric's.  Her favorite fabric was the pink with the little speckles, because "It looks like a cup cake."  This skirt is going to get a matching red shirt with a appliqued cup cake on it.  She is very excited to wear it to school on her Birthday!

I have a few more outfits cut out and ready to sew...  I will post pictures of those and links to were all of these patterns can be found when I have a moment to sit down.  

Right now I need to run out into the garden and harvest a big bunch of rhubarb so Sylvan and I can make a pie before Papa and Ivory wake up.  


  1. I love these dresses and can't wait to see Ivory wear them.

  2. You are so talented!! Thedresses and skirts are so lovely and uniquely feminine. She will look adorable in them.

    Be prepared - her friends will want some too...LOL

    Oma Sherry

  3. Very cute, Heidi.