Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY: Lace and Button Flower Card

I am making invitations for Ivory's birthday party.  

Late last night I considered all the crafting materials I had stashed around the house, pulled out a few bits and pieces and curled up next to my husband on the sofa to make a prototype.  The card turned out bright and lacy: perfect for a little girl's get together in, what is here, still the beginning of spring. 

white cards and matching envelopes (I am re-purposing Christmas cards I made and turned out ugly)
colored card stock, 
     - a rectangle, smaller than the card
     - a green heart for the leaves
     - a circle for the center of the flower (mine are an 1 1/2" in diameter)
a sewing needle
thick thread (hand quilting thread works great)
a glue stick
one button for each card
20 inches of lace for each card

  • Place the beginning of the lace in the center of the card stock circle.  Tack it down with the thread.  Loop the lace until you have six petals.  Space them evenly.  Tack them into place with the needle and thread making sure that all the stitches will be hidden by the button.  
  • Sew the bottom into the center of the flower.
  • Tack it to the rectangle card board.
  • Stitch a stem on the card and attach the heart as pictured bellow. 

  • Knot off the thread on the back side of the card stock.  Glue the finished flower on the card stock to the front of the card.  DONE!  So simple. 

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