Monday, April 30, 2012

Time Out

All of the sudden time has slowed down.

The month has been a whirlwind: meetings, birthdays, kiln firings and school outings.
Ideas for blog posts scratched on scraps of papers, just to be piled up while we go on to the next thing.

These are the matching journals I stamped for Ivory and Adam as his 30th birthday gift.  Last fall I started having Ivory draw a picture of her day for Adam on those days that he doesn't come home from work.  This way they can share their days with each other even when they don't see one another.

This is the double layer meat cake I made for Adam's birthday party.  Two layers of meat loaf, a layer of bacon in between and the entire thing is iced with mashed potato "frosting" all topped off with sauteed onions and mushrooms.  

This is the bright white glow of the Anagama Kiln firing. In a few more days, we get to unbrick the door and unload shelf after shelf of transformed clay. 

This is the very patient 3 year old waiting as her bowling ball inches toward the pins ever so slowly.  

But best of all, these are the chubby little toes that stomped around the garden beds, uncovered and free, as we poked hundreds of little onions into the groud, followed by two sorts of peas, spinach and beets as we spent day after day soaking up the warm sunshine.

For now, we are taking a time out. 

The seeds we planted are slowly growing, not yet visible to our eyes.  And while we wait for the first green to push out of the earth, we have been forced to take a little breather.  Both Ivory and Sylvan are sick. Ivory is sicker than she has ever been.  She usually is back on her feet, recovered from anything, in less than a day. 

Ivory and Sylvan are whiny, in need of constant attention and oodles of sleep.  It is tough at times, to convince Ivory that laying on the sofa or a bed would be drastically more comfortable than the kitchen floor she is puddled on even as she is protesting: " I don't want to lay down".

The wind and rain pushed over the giant bean teepee we started building in the yard, but hopefully in a few more days, the sun will shine, little bodies will be filled with energy and we can once again push the branches toward the sky and sink speckled lima beans into the dark damp earth. 


  1. Nice gifts for Adam (and for Ivory)! Fun to read about your starting your garden for this season. Trust you have better luck than Ken has had! Already this year the beetles ate all of his pepper plants:( And hail has torn his tomatoes--hopefully, they will recover! Grandma

    1. Dear Heidi, You are such a wonderful mother. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are so creative, what an idea, a meat Birthday cake. I am sure Adam is thrilled with the pictures that Ivory draws for him and what a good reminder for Ivory to reflect on her blessings of the day. You will both cherish the memories as she grows. Love Peggy