Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY: The Bird

      I really wanted to make a stuffed tree with a few little birds sitting in the branches for Sylvan's first birthday. I had finished the trunk, cut out the canopy and needed to make the birds before I sewed the rest of the tree together. So, this Saturday I stubbornly sat in front of the sewing machine and attempted to sew a bird. I was frustrated, really wanting to go outside into the sunshine, but sometimes, I just can not quit (even if I should). Try one had a small pointy head. Try two over compensated and I ended up with a bird with a giant head and small body and ugly duck bill. On the third try I finally created a little stuffed bird that was closer to what I had imagined.

      So here is the pattern I came up with:
Print onto a full sheet of paper and it should be to scale. 

This is a perfect scrap busting project. 
Cut two bird shapes, 4 wings and one belly.
Sew the pleats into the top of the bird head.

Sew two wings together leaving a small opening, right sides together, turn and press. Sew the wing to the body stitching the opening up.

Attach the belly to one side of the bird, right sides facing together.

Sew the other side of the bird to the bird/belly piece, right sides facing together. Start sewing along the tail and follow around the edge of the bird, switching to the belly, and then back to the bird and finish by sewing around the head leaving the back open.

Stuff the bird and hand sew the opening shut by hand.
Attach a beak.

The finished tree with birds.  

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